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Nurture Your Nursing Practice

Mentorship and debriefs for nurses.  I'm here to support you in supporting birth...

One-On-One & Small Group Mentorship For Nurses


Support for the new nurse wishing to dive deeper into how to care for birthing families and for the experienced nurse looking to revitalize her practice. The evidence tells us centering physiology leads to better outcomes in birth.  How do we grow a collective birth culture that reflects this? Learn new tools and lay the groundwork for achieving your goals in supporting physiologic birth from an expert in the field.

  • The physiology of fetal monitoring

  • Art of palpation and knowing baby’s position

  • What does it mean to be present at the bedside? Learn to give amazing labor support.

  • Staying grounded during emergencies

  • Collaborative, compassionate communication (with colleagues, patients, and families)

  • Informed choice and supporting autonomy

  • Spinning Babies® Aware Support—integrating your Spinning Babies® knowledge with case studies

  • Facilitate home birth transfers gracefully--learn from someone who has worked in the home birth community

  • Special focus time for topics chosen by you!

Mentorship typically happens in three month blocks, but you may also design your own path.  Discounts given for groups of five or more who register together.

Customize your education and support.

No one's pathway is the same.  What is YOUR path? You may wish to discuss labor positions one week and process a tough birth the next.  You can also contact me to schedule single session shift debriefs as needed.  Our time together can be tailored to meet your needs. 

Midwives and physicians looking for mentorship are also welcome!

Includes two video calls (2 hours each) per month, access to a resource library, "tea time" monthly office hours, and supportive community.


Individual, group, and unit wide mentorship available.

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