Nurture Your Nursing Practice

Mentorship and consultation for nurses.  I'm here to support you in supporting birth...

Shift Debriefs

It’s been a hard two years, and even before that there were issues.  Stories of abysmal staffing ratios and lack of response from management are commonplace.  Nurses are asked to do more with less and keep smiling.  People are beyond exhausted and demoralized.  


We need to help the helpers.  If you need someone to talk to who understands what it’s like to care so deeply for your patients while working inside a system that doesn’t seem to care about you, I am here.  I work with a trauma aware approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté that helps us to access emotional states through body awareness and stay engaged in present moment experience.

Spinning Babies® Aware Support

As a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner and an Approved Trainer, I am thrilled to support the use of this paradigm. Care providers may schedule a session to take a deeper dive into the concepts and techniques they learned in a workshop. 

One-On-One & Small Group Mentorship For Nurses

Support for the new nurse wishing to dive deeper into how to care for birthing families and for the experienced nurse looking to revitalize her practice. The evidence tells us centering physiology leads to better outcomes in birth, and yet oftentimes our unit culture doesn’t reflect this. Learn new tools and lay the groundwork for achieving your goals in supporting physiologic birth from an expert in the field.


Mentorship typically happens in three month blocks, but you may also design your own path.  Discounts given for groups of four or more.

Customize your education and support.

Not one pathway is the same.  What is YOUR path? You may wish to discuss labor positions one week and process a tough birth the next.  Our time together can be tailored to meet your needs.