Strengthen Your Practice

One-On-One & Small Group Mentorship For Nurses

Support for the new nurse wishing to dive deeper into how to care for birthing families and for the experienced nurse looking to revitalize her practice. The evidence tells us centering physiology leads to better outcomes in birth, and yet oftentimes our unit culture doesn’t reflect this. Learn new tools and lay the groundwork for achieving your goals in supporting physiologic birth.  Mentorship typically happens in three month blocks, but you may also design your own path.

Processing A Difficult Birth

Nurses, doctors, and midwives--as healthcare providers, we all have births that we walk away from wondering “what if?”. Together, we can review the events of the birth and how it affected you. From fetal position to interpersonal dynamics in the birth room, there are often so many factors to unravel. Understanding can lead us from “what if?” to “what’s next?” Meetings are HIPAA compliant.  Sessions are 90 minutes, with follow up as needed.

Spinning Babies® Aware Support

Spinning Babies® is an approach for comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth. As a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner and an Approved Trainer, I am thrilled to support the use of this paradigm. Care providers may schedule a session to take a deeper dive into the concepts and techniques they learned in a workshop. Sessions are 60 minutes.

Customize your Education

Not one pathway to service is the same.  What is your path? Let's about how to meet your needs.


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